What:   We are dedicated to supporting indigenous wisdom by supporting tribal libraries in Nevada with donations of books, educational resources, monetary grants and volunteer labor.  

Who:  Friends of Nevada Tribal Libraries is one of many volunteer teams sponsored by the Native Solidarity Project.  Our members are both Native and Non-Native people from all walks of life working together on projects that directly benefit various parts of Indian Country (primarily in the Great Basin & the San Francisco Bay Area).  

Why:  There are over two dozen tribal libraries in the state of Nevada, which function as indigenous wisdom educational centers for the native communities they serve.  

Abundant Books Program

Friends of Nevada Tribal Libraries is now collecting donations of books and other library materials with Native American themes.  Donated books can be used or new, for children or adults, fiction or non-fiction, about any tribe in North or South America.  Books about a specific tribe, region or practice are better than more general titles like Natives of North America.  Donated books are shipped to tribal libraries in Nevada to help build up strong reservoirs of indigenous wisdom to augment their collections.  Tribal library staff sort through book donations and make decisions about what to add to their collections or give away to local community members.

Book Donations can be mailed to the following address:

Book Donations
Kooyooe Tukadu Library
Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation
P.O. Box 256
Nixon, NV     89424