Mother Earth has so much to offer!! Native Americans are wonderful in how they receive her gifts because they honor the receiving of them and take care of her (a lesson we all can take in). They have many opportunities for supporting her giving to them and many ways they want to give back to her. There are invasive plants that are pushing out the native plants at an alarming rate, and work weekends in which the wetlands are restored through their removal. NSP collaborates with these projects by publicizing the work weekends and organizing additional people to come help.

The highways have sadly invited waste and property abuse on the sacred Native Lands. We organize work parties to safely pick up this waste, dispose of it properly, and restore the lands to the way they naturally exist. There is a private farm who asked us to collaborate with them on bringing their farm back to what it once was. We enjoy organizing work parties for these projects and also hope to collaborate with their organizing education and workshops for local schoolchildren. We will post our work parties here, on Hive (and on Facebook. All donations will be put towards facilitating these projects and purchasing any supplies needed by the farm. As a note, Tribal Elder Randy Burns (the farm owner) is one of the account’s managers and is an active part of all expenditures.